COVID-19 UK Bikeshare Recovery Index

Summary Activity Indices and Trends (Early March = 100%)

1. Morning Commute Activity Peaks - London and Rest of UK

All UK: Most Recent Day
of early March levels
Last updated ...
All UK: Recent Average
of early March levels
Last updated ...

2. Full-Day Activity Peaks - Weekdays vs Weekends/Holidays

Individual City System Activity Trends (Not Baselined)

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Why not use journey data?
Only Edinburgh provides journey counts on a timely basis, which is why MSU is used to allow for multiple cities to participate.
What about confounding factors?
All bikeshare statistics are sensitive to weather, and leisure usage (i.e. non-commute) is particularly sensitive to weather and season.
Why are the London and UK scores so similar?
London accounted for the great majority of bikeshare baseline commuting usage across the UK, so the London and All UK commuting scores were similar and may remain so, or might diverge if other systems increase in relative popularity.
Why split into only London and Rest of UK?
Many systems are small and not well used, and therefore are sensitive to fluctuations caused by minor operational changes such as rebalancing. These effects can be minimised by combining multiple systems together.

Systems Included

Created by Oliver O'Brien, Consumer Data Research Centre (CDRC), UCL, 2020.

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